Investment Banker


In 2004 Michael Fugler acquired US EURO Securities, Inc., a boutique investment banking firm, and focused on the micro-cap, small-cap sector, providing international services that are customarily only available to much larger companies. Mr. Fugler opened satellite offices serving three continents, offering a range of traditional investment banking and international services, including American, European, and Asian-Pacific roadshows with an emphasis on exchange listing, private placements, public offerings, international institutional exposure, international research coverage, and cross-border market entry and development.

In 1996 Mr. Fugler launched an investment banking career by joining I-Bankers Securities and heading up a New York office as a principle and partner. Mr. Fugler was responsible for investment banking negotiation and documentation of transaction terms, due diligence, all aspects of the transaction process, coordinating legal, auditing and issuer development and completion of offering and marketing materials. Mr. Fugler helped develop I-Bankers investment banking and built a plan to succeed in international small cap equity markets by opening and working out of European satellite offices. Mr. Fugler traveled throughout Europe with Issuers for roadshow presentations to institutional investors, giving small cap issuers access to capital markets and institutional investors access to choice small cap investments. Mr. Fugler focused on investment banking, international presence, IPO and private placement origination, institutional distribution, innovative approach, integrity and insight. 

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